Technology trends leave no industry unturned. Aviation is one industry that is majorly driven by technology innovation. In fact, the industry has its roots built on technology.

Over the years, the aviation industry has come a long way in adopting advanced technology solutions that resulted in advanced flying capabilities of aircraft, early warning systems that avoid unexpected disasters and climate assessment tools that can ensure a favorable environment to fly even in adverse conditions, among others.

While flight operations on one side, the other aspect that has become a key challenge for the industry is customer satisfaction through travel experience along with on and off-air services.

In addition, digital trend added additional responsibility to the industry pushing it to become more equipped with advanced technology solutions.
Resultant, the industry today is in the continuous race of updating to enhanced connectivity, effective tracking and monitoring mechanisms, biometrics and high-end security mechanism, on-the-go services and virtual reality, among other advanced features.

Industry Challenges

Opportunities and challenges are always one after the other. While the technology innovation enhanced the aviation industry’s portfolio on one side, the same technology on the opposite side started posing more severe challenges to the industry pushing it for more robustness, which ultimately needs enhanced infrastructure capabilities.

These possible challenges could be fast-paced climate change posing disaster risks, increasing the number of new air travelers, ever-growing demands of the existing customer base, technology failures, inability to develop and adopt innovative, advanced solutions in the manufacture and most importantly, the security aspect.

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