Stringent regulatory requirements, increasing threat of cybercrime and data theft, changing business dynamics and rising customer expectations characterize the highly-competitive BFSI sector.

With extensive expertise and years of experience in the BFSI domain, Veritis supports global clients by developing tailored IT solutions that effectively address all their challenges and provide them with a competitive edge.

Industry Challenges

As an industry with continuous (in and out) flow of customers and run majorly on reputation, customer engagement means a lot for the travel and hospitality industry, which can be offering innovative services, easy accessibility, flexibility in the offering, staying connected, among others.

Seamless transactions and continuous service delivery decide the success of any financial service firm.

Besides, security is another critical factor for the BFSI sector considering the confidentiality associated with data and value in any transaction.
Responsiveness in operations also plays vital to keep the customers engaged and satisfied.

Our Solution to Your Challenges

Decades of experience in dealing with clients of all types and different industry verticals make us a trustworthy technology partner to many technology-seeking firms. As a trusted IT consulting firm, Javadome has the following offerings for a BFSI sector firm:

Cloud computing services ensure interoperability, secure storage, confidentiality and 24*7 uptime, resulting in cost savings, business agility, continuity, usage-based billing and green IT, among other advantages. A large number of business-critical customer-facing applications and minimal downtime make DevOps vital to the BFSI sector.

IT infrastructure services help banking and financial institutions in reducing the total cost of ownership, improving infrastructure performance and achieving the flexibility for meeting the evolving business requirements.

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